Living Green

July 4,2014

We are billions of people living on this earth consuming and contributing to its environment. Some of us might be appreciating nature somewhere. Some must be concerned about the pollution. Some must be complaining about the system and people spoiling the environment. Some must be oblivious to the facts of green house effects, while definitely some must be negligent towards it, to carry out their selfish pursuits! But how many of us are actually practically doing anything about conserving nature?
We can not just keep enjoying the good part or ignoring the bad part of it. We just can not participate in one-day green event and forget about it. Everyday, every step that we take, if is a conscious green step, we can definitely make a greener earth for us, and a richer planet for our future generation.
Be a conservative consumer- Water, fuel and electricity are important resources which we all must conserve as we use them. Wasting such resources for maximizing convenience, fun, pleasure or luxury is clearly abusing nature.
  • Conserve fuel and gas- Public/shared transport, walk or bicycling for short distances can save lot of fuel. Cooking with covered pans, using pressure cookers and solar cookers are great convenient options.
  • Conserve water- One flush of toilet consumes 3.5-7 gallons of water, a dishwasher load consumes 9.5-12 gallons and a washing machine uses 25-40 gallons. You can save a few gallons everyday by using it conservatively.
  • Conserve power- Turning power off when not using, saves energy and minimizes pollution too. Power mower, laundry machines, driers hog tons of power, for which we easily have alternate solutions.
  • Conserve nature- Grow more trees. Conserve trees, animals and endangered species. Vegetarianism is a great choice to stop forests turning into animal and poultry farms to meet non-vegetarian food demands.
Do not Pollute- Adopt conscious and wise ways to limit consumption and disposal. Try to avoid polluting air, water and earth.
  • Minimize greenhouse gases- Avoid or minimize burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, gasoline and wood) that produce carbon dioxide. Nitrogen oxide release as we drive cars. Methane produces from rotten garbage. Refrigerators and ACs release chlorofluorocarbons.
  • Refuse-Reuse-Recycle- Plastic is a serious threat to environment and not all plastic is recyclable. Use eco-friendly shopping bags, coffee mugs or water cans instead of just keep trashing paper or plastics.
Care for your environment- Every step you take has a scope of improvisation to conserve nature. Share it. Give tips.
  • Conserve and Grow Trees- Limit use of paper and wood. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, a major atmospheric pollutant. Growing trees and conserving them helps cleaner environment.
  • Be A Green Consumer- Use environment friendly products that are re-usable or recyclable. Adopt an eco-friendly life-style. Using Organic products discourages use of toxic chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Educate & inform others- Your green actions should be contagious then only we can make our planet cleaner, richer and greener.

Author:Dr. Anju Dave

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